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Our family aspires to live a mindful life. Together, we practice Tibetan Buddhism and Ashtanga Yoga and attempt to integrate these philosophies into our everyday lives. While this is a near impossible endeavor, it nonetheless instructs the way we approach our business.

We’ve built Sweet Raw Life around our devotion to sustainable and healthy living.

Ingredient Sourcing

Cashews are the main ingredient in our yummy plant-based cheese spreads. We source all of our cashews from one of only two Fair Trade certified organic cashew suppliers in the US. All of our other ingredients come from local organic farms here in California.


We package our products in reusable glass jars for several reasons. First, we are committed to reducing single-use plastic waste. Second, glass is safer for your health, and third glass perfectly protects the delicate flavors of our cheeses.

1% for the Planet

We donate 1% of our sales to environmental nonprofits through 1% for the Planet.



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